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The Rat King.

Acrylics and black ballpoint pen on hard A2 paper.

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OKCupid asks Firefox users to switch to another browser due to its CEO’s opposition to gay marriage (via @SaraLang)


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(C.P.R. for short)

In a climate of cuntlove, if a woman in the community is raped, other women react.
We understand there is no such thing as an isolated attack on an individual woman. We understand that a Haitian-American sorority girl, a Norwegian-Filipina construction worker, a Chumash/Cree librarian or a Jewish Whore is us. C.P.R. is not at all dissimilar to a mafia philosophy in which a sister’s rape is a rape of the family and cannot go unpunished. Someone has offended the honor of our family. Naturally, then, we do something about it.
In a climate of cuntlove, no one feels “lucky” it was “some other woman” who got raped. There is no such thing as “some other woman” when you have compassion and cuntlove for yourself.
The basic premise of C.P.R. is publicly humiliating rapists. Since rapists count on a women’s shame and silence to keep them safe and on the streets, it seems to me that an undue amount of attention focused on rapists would seriously counter this assumption.
C.P.R. can be employed when a woman is sure of her attacker’s identity. Since most attacks are not perpetrated by strangers, this is a highly relevant factor.
There is safety and power in numbers.
A group of two hundred women walking into the place of employment of a known rapist would have an effect. If each of these women were in possession of a dozen rotting eggs which were deposited onto the rapist’s person, the rapist might well come to the conclusion that he had committed a very unpopular act, one that was not appreciated by the community. If a rapist had to walk through a crowd of angry, staring, silent or quietly and deadly chanting women to get to his car in the grocery store parking lot, he might feel pretty uncomfortable.
Cuntlovin’ Public Retaliation has limitless possibilities. C.P.R. actions can be executed without breaking too terribly many laws and without becoming violent—the latter being true especially if women only are present. Unnecessary violence is for stupid, unimaginative people. There are far more damaging ways to punish someone without invoking violence.
Cuntlovin’ Public Retaliation serves history as well as the future. Women who have been raped may find enormous satisfaction and healing by acting out in a setting with other women who are present in total support, rage and love. In this context, we are offered a liberation from silence, self-blame, quiet acceptance or any other negative reaction we have—in the past—believed we needed for survival.
Men should not be included in C.P.R. actions. Excepting situations where men have been raped, the general male response towards the rape of a friend, relative or lover is outraged, self-righteous indignation. I’ve seen this reaction a number of times, and believe men react this way because it gives them a chance to prove to themselves what good non-raping men they are. If men really and truly want to be “good,” they can stand in the background and quietly support their women friends and relatives while we stand up for ourselves. They can chip in money to charter the busses we may need to transport everyone to the C.P.R. site.
We don’t need men to protect us.
This is between women and rapists.
More to the point, this is between women and ourselves.
Here is physics: A positive action yields a positive reaction.
At present, the cultural reaction to rape is generally a negative, shame-filled silence.
Fine, let the culture react that way.
We have the power to put something else there. Women can react in our own poetic, imaginative way, utilizing the resources in our community. We have power in numbers, and many, many means of communication.

Yes, indeedy.
It’s time for a cool change.

Any rapist would feel pretty dang upset to see his car packed full with rotting fish heads and limburger cheese. Especially if it was a Jaguar XJS. Also, especially if the 542 women responsible were crowded onto the street where he lived, insisting that he move himself and his stinky car to another locale.
Nobody likes to be pelted with 2060 bloody tampons.
Wouldn’t you just hate like the devil to be pilloried, smeared with dogshit, forced to kneel in front of a high-powered microphone on a raised platform and apologize to the ten thousand women who solemnly marched by you? Boy, that would be an unpleasant day that you might not forget right away, huh.
Perhaps some communities of women would be interested in constructing huge severed penises and burning them on a rapist’s front lawn.
Cuntlovin Public Retaliation is a valid cultural custom. Different tribes decide how to implement this custom in the community.
It could be highly effective.
Most importantly, with a little love, communication, temporary organization and networking, Cuntlovin’ Public Retaliation is very, very possible.
It’s also very, very up to you.

—    CUNT, by Inga Muscio.

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